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Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch

Newburyport, MA


Both my parents were professional photographers, so it goes without saying, that I've had a camera in my hands most of my life.
Growing up, I remember spending endless nights in the darkroom helping my parents mix chemicals, develop film, and print photographs by the hundreds.
There was always some measure of frustration trying to get just the right exposure, the right composition, the right contrast, the correct lighting and the perfect scene free from any distractions or blemishes...and then, I discovered digital. My creative world experienced it's own personal Big Bang. I entered a whole new universe of expression and fulfillment through photography. I have a great deal of respect for realistic, traditional photography, but I never really saw the point of trying to make a photograph look exactly like the scene you were attempting to capture, I always yearned to make things look as they appeared in my own creative vision. And so, Photoshop became my palette where I learned to make each image come to life as my own artistic creation.

To me, it's that moment when someone is drawn to an image when the connection is made...the moment when the viewer, the image and the creator all vibrate at the same frequency, that makes a photograph successful.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it!


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